SIMER - better than a bucket.

  • SIMER - better than a bucket

    Utility pump

    For draining flat roofs or swimming pools - the SIMER pump removes unwanted water quickly and easily, leaving only 2 millimetres of residual water to simply wipe away.

    Dependable pumping starts at water levels of only 5 millimetres!


    The SIMER 5 pump has a flow rate of 4.3 m³/h and a delivery head of max. 6 m.

  • For versatile use

    whenever there is no pump sump available for

    • Draining flat roofs and patios
    • Emptying flooded basements and cellars 
    • Draining water during core drilling and concrete cutting work
    • Draining puddles (e.g. at sports grounds)
    • Emptying garden ponds and swimming pools
  • With its

    fine mesh...

    the removable 2 mm mesh strainer reliably protects the SIMER pump's hydraulic system from any coarse matter that comes its way.

  • Good


    The variable hose connector makes it quick and easy to connect 1/2" / 3/4" und 1" hoses.  

    If the connecting cable happens to get damaged during tough use on the building site, replacing the cable is child's play by simply unscrewing the fittings at each end.

  • Self venting...

    Thanks to its vent valve, the SIMER pump is self venting from water levels of only 5 mm and ensures reliable pump startup at low water levels.

    • Versatile use

      Draining puddles

      This SIMER pump is the ideal tool for every  professional users for quickly and easily draining any water that has collected, for instance, on flat roofs or patios.

      The sturdy aluminium enclosure, the light weight and the option of using it round the clock are just some of the advantages that this pump offers the professional user.

    • Versatile use

      Draining building pits

      On building sites, too, civil engineers are often faced with the problem of needing to quickly drain boreholes or pits that are flooded with rainwater to prevent delays in construction work.

      No problem for SIMER pumps. Puddles and pools of water are removed within a matter of  minutes. Any solids in the water are reliably held back by the plastic strainer, making them safe for continuous use.

    • Technical facts at a glance

      SIMER - better than a bucket

      • 230 V, 50 Hz, 190 W
      • 10 m connecting cable (replaceable) complete with plug
      • Fully submersible, IP 68
      • Stainless steel rotor shaft
      • Integrated overload protection
      • Mechanical seal
      • Sturdy aluminium housing
      • Weight approx. 5.0 kg
      • Hose connectors 1/2", 3/4", 1" (13 / 19 / 25 mm)
      • Not suitable for saline media
      • Available accessories: 1 1/4" hose coupling, 1 1/4" check valve and Simer Level Control
      • Note: The pump must not run dry for more than 20 minutes (operation without pumping medium).